A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

You're a hangry t-rex, and you won't stop eating until you've dominated the food chain!

In Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex, an evolution/growth game, your goal is to eat any animal smaller animals and avoid any bigger animals. As you eat, you will grow, allowing you to eat animals that used to be bigger than you!

In this version, you're constantly moving forward, and you can only rotate -- so think fast!

Can you survive the whole 2 minutes? How big can you get? How big can you get in endless mode?

Please leave us your thoughts, feedback, and issues in the comments below!! We would love to hear about your experience!

Enjoy our one-month project, Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex!

Install instructions

"Farm-Eating Game Alpha/MVP" is the pre-release testing version, the old version.
"Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex" is the finished product, the final version.

If you're downloading the Windows version, make sure that after you extract the .zip file that the _Data folder and the .exe file are in the same file location or the game won't load.

If you get a message saying that the download may be harmful or may include viruses, don't worry, we promise it's a safe file. The file came directly from the creator's computers. Take our word for it or go do something else!


Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex for Windows.zip 24 MB
Hangry Farmersuarus-Rex for Mac.zip 28 MB
Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex for Linux.zip 29 MB
Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex for Android.apk 34 MB

Development log


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