Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex

  We are ecstatic to announce that we have met our goal—Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex is complete!

    We’re proud to say that we overshot our goal by only one day—a good deal better that where we started with our first project, which we were on track to overshoot by several months. We definitely improved in our ability to measure scope and schedule, and it has been invaluable to be able to hold ourselves accountable for our goal.

     We’ve loved going through your feedback this last week, making a list for improvements, and watching the game take shape. Huge ‘thank you!’ to those who played the first release and gave us your gems. (If you care to read the credits, you'll find that we've included you. You are invaluable!)

     We’ve added a lot of your suggestions, as well as a few ideas of our own, such as: sound and music, additional animals, the level environment, animations, more responsive turns from the player perspective, Endless Mode, and the belly laugh of the project: Belch Mode. It’s been a blast—literally, for some of us—putting these together for you.

     This project has taken us one big step closer to our end goal: A new genre of interactive media that brings positivity and motivation into the lives of players.

     It may seem that our farm animal-eating game is extremely far off from our end goal, but in making it, we’ve learned many things.

     We hope, through this game, to send the message to customers that we can and will deliver what we promise, and that we can and will grow, develop, and improve in our abilities and assets. Through this process, we’ve learned about teamwork, started perfecting our workflow, honed our skills and gained a few more. This will be one of many projects that lead us, step by step, towards our goal of adding some good, solid value to the industry.

     Our next step will be similar to this one—a small-scope project dedicated to the growth and improvement of our team. We will announce our new project within the next couple of weeks, as we finalize the details. Each step will bring a little more value to the lives of players, and we are so excited to be on our way!

     We are always looking out for potential team members! Anyone with skills and/or interests in the gamemaking field—such as music, modeling, programming, animating, art, etc.—and who is interested in adding truth to the world through interactive storytelling, we would love to add your skills to the mix.

     Without further ado, here it is—Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex!

     We have loved this process of growth and building, and hope to keep building on it. Any comments, suggestions, ideas or general thoughts, we will gladly take! Leave a comment below or send an email to contact@puddygum.com with your thoughts!


          - Jenica Burgan and the Puddygum Team


Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex for Windows.zip 24 MB
Sep 12, 2017
Hangry Farmersuarus-Rex for Mac.zip 28 MB
Sep 12, 2017
Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex for Linux.zip 29 MB
Sep 12, 2017

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