Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex

You're a hangry t-rex, and you won't stop eating until you're big and full!

In this alpha version of project "Farm-Eating Game", an evolution/growth game, your goal is to eat any animal smaller animals and avoid any bigger animals. As you eat, you will grow, allowing you to eat animals that used to be bigger than you!

In this version, you're constantly moving forward, and you can only rotate -- so think fast!

Can you survive the whole 2 minutes? How big can you get? 

Please leave us your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!! We need your input to make this the best it can be! Constructive criticism  will be much appreciated.

Enjoy our alpha version of project "Farm-Eating Game"! Thank you!


Hangry Farmersaurus-Rex (Windows) 26 MB
Sep 12, 2017
Hangry Farmersuarus-Rex (Mac) 28 MB
Sep 12, 2017

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