MVP Development Log

This is the first upload of our game PLAY NOW! It's supposed to be our MVP (minimum viable product,) but it's really a fair bit more than that, so this is more like our first weekly release in our month-long game dev cycle. (Which is good, because we're already in the second week of development, so we better be past our MVP.)

In this version we're testing some of the unique core gameplay concepts of our game: destroying ads by different methods, including clicking the X button on digital ads; and finding the buttons while avoiding ads to win the game. More importantly, we're testing the concept of a humorous zombie apocalypse game where you get spammed by ads to see if it's really as funny as we think it should be.

The spawning of ads is a little funky in this version, but we're working on improving that. Some other things are bound to be buggy or just not very well designed at this point, so be patient with that. We appreciate your help in testing it out and seeing if we're on to something here.

So, tell us—how do you feel about being chased by a hoard of zombie ads?

Devon Stern a.k.a. FenixShadow

Lead Programmer and stuff at Puddygum


PLAY NOW! MVP1.0 for Windows 12 MB
Oct 05, 2017
PLAY NOW! MVP1.0 for Mac 16 MB
Oct 05, 2017
PLAY NOW! MVP1.0 for Linux 17 MB
Oct 05, 2017

Get PLAY NOW! - The Advertisement Spam Game

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